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TCM BOX i panel Innovation Energy. System do monitorowania i optymalizacji energii elektrycznej dla firm.

What is the Innovation Energy system?

It is a set of measuring devices and applications for monitoring and optimizing electricity consumption.

  • You install it at your client's company and have access to data on the operation of their installation on an ongoing basis
  • You delight your client by providing them with energy-saving recommendations through our system.
  • If you believe that the client can save even more thanks to modernization options – recommend them and be the one to provide the upgrades
  • You can also make money on permanent maintenance of the system

All the necessary items are available at Innovation Energy – on stock and ready to go

current transformers and Rogowski coils

electricity meters

telemetry modules with a SIM card

data transfer in every EU country

access to analytics in the cloud

Quick and simple installation

Thanks to the transformers with a split core, you can carry out the installation without switching off the power supply in the building

Local data access

Via a PC app and a USB cable and through integration with BMS

Automatic data transfer

No need to set up WiFi or Bluetooth. GSM transmission works automatically in every EU country

Access to data in the cloud

Upon installation, the data is transferred to the cloud right away. You can verify the installation immediately and implement savings

5+ years of experience
18 countries
2000 implementations

We are Innovation Energy. For the past 5 years, we've been leading the change in electricity efficiency with our cutting-edge measurement, control and optimization solutions for low-voltage installations of up to 0.4 kV.

Our system is based on independent measuring systems with MID-certified meters that are installed in your clients' locations.

The Innovation Energy system is implemented in 1,300 commercial buildings across 18 countries.

years of experience

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