From choosing the right tariff to smart energy use

The Innovation Energy system makes energy optimization a breeze: it guides you every step of the way and monitors your consumption in real-time. Learn how to identify energy leaks and optimize your contract based on historical data. The result? Double savings.

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Check the tariff before signing the contract

If you want to reduce your electricity bills, check the terms and conditions of individual tariffs carefully.

Say goodbye to tedious energy tariff comparisons – the Innovation Energy system will automatically compare your current prices with those of other operators and will use your historical data to identify the most favorable tariff for your needs.


Declare the right contracted power capacity

Too high

You are wasting your money by paying for the connector which you are not using.

Too low

You pay extra for excessive use.

Unsure which tariff is right for you?

Based on historical data, you can see the actual power consumed by your company.

Is it a one-time job?

No, but the Innovation Energy system will do the work for you and provide continuous tracking to help you stay in control of energy consumption.

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Get rid of penalties and fees for reactive energy

Reactive energy is “unnecessary” or harmful energy produced by your equipment. The energy supplier may charge you – even retroactively – for its production.

Don't risk penalties, opt for specialized equipment to compensate for reactive energy production.

You can rely on the Innovation Energy system to help you minimize your fees for overcompensation by selecting the most suitable power capacity and compensator price.


Ensure protection against incorrect settlements with the operator

Your energy supplier very often bills you based on a forecast or… their “whim” (when, for example, you sublease your office space).

The Innovation Energy system accurately monitors your energy consumption, which enables you to negotiate a forecast or check whether any additional devices that do not belong to you are connected to your circuit.


Ensure smart energy use

When do I waste money for no good reason? When your devices are working while they should be turned off. Or when they work during the first, more expensive tariff, and you would achieve the same effect if they worked during a cheaper one.

The Innovation Energy system not only allows you to monitor whether your equipment is wasting energy. It will also use intelligent planning to optimize equipment usage for greater savings.

Unlock guaranteed savings at any location

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Fully use RES installations

Optimized selection of RES installation is not possible without knowing the energy consumption profile.

The energy consumption profile from Innovation Energy will show the time at which your consumption is highest, for example. It will help you choose the optimum angle of your RES installation so that it produces maximum power when you need it.

Use up all the energy you produce with your RES installations to pay for themselves faster

Innovation Energy will show you what percentage of production you use for your own needs and will help you modify your consumption profile to minimize the payback time.

The Innovation Energy system continuously monitors the voltage level in the photovoltaic installation. If the voltage is too high, it will turn on an extra load. Continuous measurements will also provide you with the data needed to intervene with the energy supplier.


Get real savings through modernizations

Equipment and technology upgrades can bring savings… if you can measure them.

For example, you can switch to LED lighting to reduce your energy bills. How do you know that the investment will pay off? You need to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and you cannot do this without accurate energy consumption data.

By using the Innovation Energy platform, you can easily compare individual settlement periods before and after the investment. The result? You know exactly when your expenses will pay off and whether it pays to implement the same innovation in other locations.


Precisely account for energy used by tenants

When you rent a hall, business premises or an office building, tenants should pay precisely for the energy they use. Bill splitting based on a “whim” or approximate calculations creates conflicts and lowers your credibility as a lessor.

The Innovation Energy system allows you to set submeters that will accurately measure usage for each of your tenants. Settlements become transparent, fast and conflict-free.


Ensure savings by comparing the average consumption

I have several offices or production halls – where to look for savings? Start with the location that uses more than the average for the others.

The Innovation Energy system enables you to gather the reports on use for all locations within your company in one place, divide them up in a way that is logical to you and to appoint persons responsible for analyzing the reports.

The right people will make better decisions based on the right data.


Are you ready to start saving?

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Find out how much each stage of production costs you.

The accurate Innovation Energy measuring system will calculate the energy costs associated with each stage of production. Today, when energy is a crucial component of the price, make sure you don't sell below cost.

Control your equipment based on the calendar or react remotely to unexpected incidents.

When things are on track, your equipment turns on and off automatically, based on the calendar and programmed boundary values.

But don't get caught off guard – remote monitoring and reaction is crucial when unexpected issues arise. Both of these will be provided by the Innovation Energy system.

How to saveHow to save

Assess the efficiency of your network with top-ranking analytics.

Just a few mouse clicks and the right people are looking at the right data. We have enriched the Innovation Energy system with an advanced reporting system. For example, you can look for anomalies – set the expected volume of energy consumption for a given month and monitor on an ongoing basis whether the current consumption trend is in line with your expectations.

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